Saturday, December 1, 2018

Friday, December 22, 2017

A very Merry Christmas to all my friends!!!
Praying you sense God's presence and love this season and new year. 
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Saturday, October 28, 2017

It is finally here!  My long awaited Speed the Light truck is here!  Thank you to the youth of Michigan for their sacrifice and generosity.  This truck will take me to HIV clinic, a rural clinic and churches weekly besides many villages off the beaten path as we train people in Community Health Evangelism and do cervical cancer screening and more. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thank you for your support and patience.  I haven't been posting here mostly because of internet slowness.  Here is my latest newsletter.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Here's a link to my newest newsletter on all that is happening in Zambia.
Thank you for your continued support!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Much more is happening here in Zambia.  Last month I spent time in South Africa for a meeting with A/G Care, the compassion ministry arm of missions in Africa for us.  We had a great time discussing how we could incorporate appropriately more medical missions into the continent.  We also spent a few days exploring how we can be better prepared to do disaster relief.  It was fascinating learning what missionaries on the ground did during several tsunamis and the present refugee crisis in Europe.
I am excited to see enough growth in my moringa trees that I made up Moringa Starter Kits to use in clinic or in the community.  Here's what the process looks like.  Washing and drying the leaves and pounding them into a fine powder.  The final product includes 1 cup of powder, 4 seeds and 3 booklets.  The booklets explain how to grow it, eat it, purify water with it, use it for fertilizer and animal feed booster and more!

On another nutrition topic, I had an interesting learning time during my language tutoring session.  Below is a picture of a rock women will break smaller and eat.  Adult pica, eating of non-nutritive substances.  It may be because of a nutrient deficiency or cause one along with constipation.  I was a sand eater when I was little but think I'll skip this one.

We had a visit from the District Superintendent of Ohio along with two Ohio area pastors (Christine's district...or now they call it a network).  We had a great time with them.  Light for the Lost is the men's missions ministry in the Assemblies of God.  They raise money for Bibles and other literature.  These three pastors came with us to Choma and gave Bibles to the CHE workers who had finished their 150 hours of study.  Each one got a Bible in the language of their choice.  Here it was Tonga, Bemba, and English.  The excitement and love on their faces when they received their very own Word of God was beautiful to see.  Thank you that your giving made this possible.

A big thank you to First Assembly of God of Greater Lansing for providing funds for Moringa trees. Here we are in Choma with booklets on how to grow, eat and use Moringa to clean water and more.

I got to teach our CHE's how to purify water with Moringa seeds.  It was amazing to see the water go from dirty to clean in 30 minutes!

We also celebrated the graduation of our pastors at the Bible school at the end of January.

I have so enjoyed being back in clinic seeing patients both at Circle of Hope and Bethel Clinics.  It is satisfying helping people get and stay healthy and understand their bodies.  We have had opportunity to share our faith and lessons during Wednesday devotions and praying with patients.  
As an ending, enjoy this song from one of our great churches.  The song means, We must praise Jesus because of all he has done."